Visual effect through offset print.
Visual effect through offset print.Visual effect through offset print.

Light the way to fleet electrification.

Turn operational driving data into an EV transition blueprint.

Answer the biggest questions for commercial fleets with the data to back it up. Take fleets from strategy to action with iterative analysis using the Evalo business intelligence dashboard.

Turn operational driving data into an EV transition blueprint.

Create high-value reports, fast.

Upload a tour file with the support of our professional data cleaning services.

Excel format illustration.
Dashboard file upload view.

Simulate operations with a selection of over 1200 class 2-4 commercial electric vehicles. Class 5 to 8 and custom vehicles can be modelled in days.

Showcase of vehicles and brands that are supported within Evalo.

Identify first-to-electrify routes and see which can be done with and without en-route charging.

Dashboard view of how energy is distributed between different routes.
Graph of how consumption over a certain route is used.

Analyze in just minutes to get aggregate insights and granular single-route data.

Dashboard view of processing routes that can be analyzed.

Get climate reporting to measure carbon impacts of every simulated electrification scenario.

Graph of what energy was used from the grid to charge an EV.
Dashboard view of the climate breakdown of a EV compared to an ICE.

Iterate though scenarios to drive consulting strategy and recommendations.

Dashboard view that highlights the best scenario after analyzing.

Unlock insights to lower TCO from purchase to operation.

From optimized vehicle procurement, to charge strategy, to scheduling and routing. Make data-driven investment decisions about depot charging, charging infrastructure, battery capacity, and vehicle models.

”Deloitte used Evalo simulation to plan up to 15% savings per parcel and 35% potential reduction in CO2e through electrification.”

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